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Image of Marie Hoeger

Marie Hoeger

Software Engineer at Microsoft


Marié is a Software Engineer at Microsoft working on Azure Functions. She specializes in JavaScript and is responsible for the Node.js worker in the Azure Functions runtime. She loves creating intuitive designs and developing in open dialogue with the serverless community.

Serverless under the hood with Azure Functions

You write the code. You deploy the code! It runs when you want it to. But what about when it's not that simple and you begin to push the boundaries of what is possible? When you have executions that take hours, or you want to use better hardware, or you don't want cold start? When you need more flexibility and control?

In this talk, I'll be exploring the boundaries of different components of a serverless platform. By understanding each of these components, we can understand their limitations and explore where there are choices to be made to meet your unique needs.

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