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Will Velida

Software Engineer - ASB Bank

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I'm a Software Engineer at ASB Bank in New Zealand. I spend most of my time using .NET and Azure, but I also enjoy hacking on projects using a variety of technologies. Outside from work, I love to kayak and hike when I get the chance.

Building Event-driven applications using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

Developing event-driven applications using Azure Functions is relatively straight forward. We can also use Cosmos DB as our data-store for our Functions thanks to Cosmos DB supported Triggers and Bindings, as well as use different types of Cosmos DB API's thanks to Dependency Injection support in Azure Functions.

In this session, I will show you how you can integrate Cosmos DB into your Azure Functions using Triggers, Bindings and dependency injection. I'll talk about which situations you would opt for dependency injection and vice-versa. I'll also cover the do's and don'ts when developing Azure Functions that use Cosmos DB.

After attending this session, you'll know how you can build event driven applications using Azure Functions and Cosmos DB.

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