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Image of Marcia Villalba

Marcia Villalba

Developer Advocate at AWS

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Marcia is a developer advocate for AWS and the host of FooBar a youtube channel ( where she publishes content every week, related to serverless and the cloud. \n\r She has been designing and developing software professionally for 15 years and worked in all the different stages of building scaling and performant software. She has deep knowledge of building applications in the cloud and using DevOps processes.

CI/CD for Serverless Applications

To get the most out of the agility afforded by serverless, it is essential to build CI/CD pipelines that help teams iterate on code and quickly release features. Serverless and distributed systems in production cannot be done any other way than with a good and efficient CI/CD pipeline.

In this talk, I demonstrate how you can use infrastructure-as-code (IaC) models to build effective CI/CD release workflows to manage serverless deployments on AWS, using tools like AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CodeDeploy. Specifically, we focus on how to automate safer deployments that can be monitored and rolled back automatically.

I will do demos where I deploy Lambdas with Code* suite and show examples with complex systems.

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